Emotional Intelligence

How Top Agents Leverage Emotional Intelligence for Success

Top agents and Leaders in the Real Estate industry are able to build effective teams, businesses, and organizations because their emotional intelligence allows them to develop and coach their people in the most effective and efficient manner. When you recognize that ultimate success requires succeeding with and through people, you also have to recognize that Emotional Intelligence will give you the ability to guide and Lead.

For those Realtors that have decided to build teams or companies, Emotional Intelligence is a key skill they need to develop. Often we can find success in real estate by the seat of our pants. We learn how to prospect and sell. We can close a lot of transactions and just move on to the next. There are plenty of  “successful” agents who are transactional, dealing with a client for 30 to 60 days and then moving on.  Most of us can sustain a healthy relationship for 60 days, right?  As the world is changing and our industry is becoming more relational, Emotional Intelligence is becoming more valuable. To have a predictable and sustainable real estate business in the 2020’s you must leverage, you must hire people and you must stay in a close relationship with your employees and your clients.

Here is an example of what doesn’t work, where low Emotional Intelligence shows up. I see this frequently because many agents fail to realize the importance of developing the skills necessary to lead people. 

Solo agent hits a point where they are burnt out, tired and at full capacity. They know they need an assistant, so they ask around and find their first hire. The agent has low emotional intelligence and within a month, the assistant quits. Maybe the agent is aggressive in communication style, too demanding, condescending, abrupt, non-communicative, hypersensitive. Whatever the symptom, the underlying issue is always the same.  Low Emotional Intelligence. I have witnessed agents hire and lose assistants repeatedly. I have seen large teams implode and have to rebuild. I have witnessed companies lose massive numbers of talented employees. The cause is always, always, always related to low emotional intelligence and empathy in the leader.

So how do you build YOUR skill around Emotional Intelligence? 


  • Study
  • Perceive
  • Understand
  • Respond

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