Performance Classes


What Is A Performance Class?

REAP offers both in-person and online live performance training courses for real estate professionals. These live events differ from our self-directed training program due to the collaborative nature of a classroom. Additionally, live courses allow us the flexibility to create unique topics to meet up to the moment market trends. Both members and non-members are invited to attend these courses and will enjoy the deep-dive we take on a variety of real estate performance topics.

Topics Covered

Finding, Hiring & Retaining GREAT Employees
Leading Through
Coaching And Managing To Peak Performance
Building A
Business Empire
Emotional Intelligence & Empathy For Executives
Life Transitions: Discovering & Living Your Purpose

Why REAP Performance

REAP Performance has been helping real estate professionals achieve their goals for over a decade. Our unique, holistic approach to training, coaching and consulting ensures we are building your business while improving your overall lifestyle. Virtually every REAP Performance partner sees an immediate increase in productivity and happiness.

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