Performance Coaching


One on One Coaching

Although our group coaching platform (Mastermind Workshop) is incredibly valuable, there is nothing like the progress achieved with a one on one coaching relationship. Ashley Lunn is one of the real estate industry’s top rated coaches - most of her clients increase their income 50% in just the first year!

Live Your Best Life

Having personalized activities designed by Ashley ensures your path to success. This weekly or monthly analysis based on our four-step plan has proven to be the most efficient way to achieve your goals while maintaining a fulfilled & balanced life.

"I see the thing people are hiding from. Identifying this fear enables quicker and deeper work."

                                  – Ashley Lunn

Our Five Step Plan To Success

Business/Career Goals

How Much More Do You Want?

Determine Strengths

What Should We Focus On?

Lead Generation

How Can You Find More Opportunities?

Budget Model

How Do You Pay For All This?

Organizational Model

Who Do You Need To Accomplish This Plan?

Success Stories

  • “Ashley Lunn is simply THE best coach we’ve ever had. When we started coaching with Ashley, my husband had just left his career as an Engineer […]
  • “Ashley gave me key insights into who I am as a person and a business owner. She walked me through crucial conversations when I needed them […]
  • “I was introduced to Ashley Lunn through the Owner of my Real Estate Brokerage, as a potential Maps Coach for myself. I found that I was […]
  • “As someone new to the Keller Williams ecosystem and language, I found most of the concepts in Career Visioning to be new and initially somewhat daunting. […]
  • “I have participated in several Career Visioning classes and You have by far, exceeded my expectations. You have been fully present in the room. Always ready […]
  • “I attended a Career Visioning workshop with Ashley Lunn as the instructor. She clearly demonstrated mastery of the subject, engagement with the audience and a participatory […]

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