Emotional Intelligence

How Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Will Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

The majority of the conflicts that cost us time, money, and opportunity come as a result of inter-personal conflict or ineffective communication. When relationships fail, our families and businesses falter. Emotional Intelligence will allow you to recognize HOW to effectively communicate in emotionally charged situations, avoiding the worst of the people issues we are likely to face.

As the owner of a large real estate brokerage and a consultant for top teams across the country, I have seen mental health suffer and deteriorate in many, many, many real estate professionals. We are in an incredibly stressful business that few understand. From the outside, or at least on HGTV, it looks like you show 3 houses, write one offer and move in the next day. We know the reality. So, why are so many agents suffering from anxiety, depression, short tempers, anger, or fear? Because we have not been trained to develop our own Emotional Intelligence. We have not developed the skills that will allow US to regulate and process the stressors we encounter every single day.

A mentor of mine has stated, “I love the real estate industry, except for the having to deal with people.” If you have ever felt that way, developing your Emotional Intelligence will bring you relief and better mental health. 

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