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Why REAP Performance Training

REAP Performance has been helping real estate professionals achieve their goals for over a decade. Our unique, holistic approach to training, coaching and consulting ensures we are building your business while improving your overall lifestyle. Virtually every REAP Performance partner sees an immediate increase in productivity and happiness.



The perfect blueprint for a self guided path to success.

- Access to members only articles and videos (content) that eases into the exploration of Self Actualization and how we use business as a Path/Vehicle for Personal Growth
- Exclusive “Personal Power/Personal Purpose” workshop including access to interviews on “The Power of Purpose”
- Access to the full required reading library
- REAP recommended activities for success
- 15% Discount for other offerings (events, retreats, etc.)



Leveraging the power of the group to achieve your goals with professional guidance.

Includes all services from Explorer Membership plus:

- Access to our bi-monthly Mastermind moderated workshop
- Assigned to a team of “power partners” with similar goals for quicker development in group activities (Ashley to Facilitate Group Activities)
- 20% Discount for other offerings (events, retreats, etc.)



Personalized activities for your needs and market designed by Ashley Lunn to ensure your success.

Includes all services from Apprentice Membership plus:

- Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with Ashley
- Guaranteed Seat at all events
- 25% Discount for other offerings (events, retreats, etc.)



Weekly in-depth analysis of your market, activities, skillset, and goals with specific recommendations based on our four step plan.

Includes all services from Patron Membership plus:

- Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with Ashley