Success Stories


REAP has been improving the performance and lifestyle for brokers and agents for over a decade. Here are just a few examples of how you can change your life too.

  • Holly Worsham
    “As someone new to the Keller Williams ecosystem and language, I found most of the concepts in Career Visioning to be new and initially somewhat daunting. […]
  • Robin Lemon
    “Ashley Lunn is simply THE best coach we’ve ever had. When we started coaching with Ashley, my husband had just left his career as an Engineer […]
  • Liz Johnson
    “Ashley coached me for almost 3 years. In that time she helped me really grow as a leader and identify my own strengths and weaknesses so […]
  • Cameron Burnside
    “Ashley gave me key insights into who I am as a person and a business owner. She walked me through crucial conversations when I needed them […]
  • Chad Shimabukuro
    “I’m a HUGE fan of Ashley. She was my coach for almost 2 years. Ashley has the perfect combination of compassion, empathy, listening skills all while […]
  • Wally Malesh
    “Ashley is a superior trainer. She brings the material alive, engages the audience and unlike most trainers takes complex items and breaks them down into understandable […]
  • Morgan Peterson
    “You are an incredible friend and coach. You helped me break down some walls. You have an ability to help business owners use their strengths to […]
  • Robin I. Smith
    “I was introduced to Ashley Lunn through the Owner of my Real Estate Brokerage, as a potential Maps Coach for myself. I found that I was […]
  • Travis Rohrer
    “I attended a Career Visioning workshop with Ashley Lunn as the instructor. She clearly demonstrated mastery of the subject, engagement with the audience and a participatory […]
  • Aubrey Hutchison
    “In the five years Ashley and I worked together, it’s easy for me to say she helped me rise from a ‘no-name’ to the top agent […]
  • Mylene Le Bail
    “I have participated in several Career Visioning classes and You have by far, exceeded my expectations. You have been fully present in the room. Always ready […]